Tapas and Cocktail/ Canape Menu

Tapas & Finger food

What’s included?

A selection from our beautiful Tapas Menu to be prepared and served fresh that will be free flowing to your guests to enjoy for a minimum of 2 hours.

  • 1 Head Chef for the Entire Event
  • 1 Assistant Chef (for large events only).
  • Preparation, Delivery, Setup and Cleanup.
  • Foliage for the table.
  • Biodegradable disposable Serving Ware.

We also offer fully Tailored and Customised Menu’s to suit your needs and budget! Please Enquire!

Tapas / finger food menu

1. Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Dill Crème Fraiche
2. Beetroot, Goat’s Cheese and Mint Blini’s
3. Lamb Kofta and Halloumi Skewers with a side of Fresh Tzatziki.
4. Lamb kofta with beetroot tzatziki
5. Grilled salmon skewers with lemon
6. Garlic and Butter Prawn Skewers
7. Roast Beef with Horseradish Cream
8. Prawn cocktail with Avocado (GF)
9. Mixed lamb and chicken kebab skewers (GF)
10. Truffle infused mushroom toasts (Vegan).
11. Homemade Arancini Balls with a Roasted Tomato and Black Pepper Spicy Sauce.
12. Rare roast beef, roasted capsicum and horseradish cream on charcoal crisp
13. BBQ Pulled pork on Sweet Potato Rounds
14. Pulled pork and slaw on brioche buns
15. Slow-Cooked Lamb shoulder and beetroot labneh
16. Lamb meatballs served with a walnut and pomegranate molasses sauce (GF)
17. Satay Peanut Chicken Skewers with crushed peanuts.
18. Aromatic herb fritters with sun dried tomatoes(V)
19. Turkish Muhammara Dip (Walnut-Roasted Capsicum) served with crunchy Turkish Breads and Lavish Crackers.
20. Salata Me Fasolakia (Fresh Tomato Salad with green beans, avocado and Tabasco).
21. Patato Salata (Warm Kipfler Potato Salad).
22. Antipasto skewers ( GF)
23. A selection of 3 Homemade Dips in a savoury Tart Shell (Baba Ganush, Beetroot and Mint, Spinach & Feta, beetroot tzatziki and garlic Borani)
24. Turkish Pistachio Labneh Garlic Dip served with crusty Turkish Bread.
25. Grilled Marinated Vegetable Skewers of Zucchini, Capsicum, Mushroom and Cherry Tomatoes (V) (GF)
26. Club Sandwiches with your choice of fillings
27. Ham and Cheese Croissants
28. Homemade mini Sausage Rolls with toasted pine nuts and dipping sauce.
29. Mince Pies
30. Pizza pull-apart loaf
31. Miso butter and smoked salmon in a wafer cone
32. Spinach and feta pie
33. Herb and garlic sausage coil with toffee onions and Guinness mustard
34. Greek Keftedes with creamy Tzatziki
35. Spanakopita Bites
36. Chicken Souvlaki Skewers
37. Greek style stuffed eggplant roll
38. Grilled Halloumi with peaches and honey
39. Stuffed mini pepper with minced beef, rice and aromatic herbs.
40. Greek Salad

Canapé Menu

(Minimum 20 pax)

Cold canape selection
  1. Vodka poached Ocean trout with green peas gel and fish caviar (GF / DF)
  2. Smoke salmon Bellini, crème fraiche and soy caviar
  3. Tropical scallop Ceviche, coriander bubbles
  4. Goats cheese mousse, beetroot relish and fig tartlet
  5. Thai beef skewers
  6. Fig stuffed chicken ruled, orange and tarragon sauce
  7. Thai chicken and potato baskets
  8. Chilled Gazpacho shots
  9. Cheese Éclair and smoke salmon mousse
  10. Rare roast beef, Asparagus, and beetroot chutney
  11. Steam lentils cake, fresh coconut, mustard, and coriander tempering
  12. Vietnamese chicken or vegetable rice paper rolls and Nam jam dipping sauce
  13. Beetroot cured salmon and smoked crème fraiche
Hot canape Selection
  1. Victorian cauliflower bisque and Avruga caviar
  2. Middle eastern lamb kofta and minted yoghurt sauce
  3. Mini vegetable or pulled beef Burrito, Guacamole and Pico de Gallo salsa
  4. Chicken Tikka kebab skewers
  5. Chefs Speciality Arancini with bush tomato relish
  6. Wagyu beef and red wine pie, mash potato and smashed green peas
  7. Panko crumb prawns and Thai sweet chilli sauce
  8. Japanese Tempura Prawns with Japanese
  9. Prawn twisters spring rolls
  10. Salt and pepper prawns, wasabi Aioli
  11. Seared scallop, caramelised Spanish chorizo and green peas puree
  12. Sweet potato money bags with honey soy dipping
  13. Crisp skin pork belly, apple and pineapple chutney
  14. Prawn and chorizo skewers
  15. Peri Peri Chicken skewers with lime Aioli
  16. Greek style lamb and Haloumi skewers and Tzatziki dipping sauce
Dessert Canape Selection
  1. Chocolate and caramel spring roll
  2. Chilli and lime Crème Brule
  3. Kaffir lime Panna cotta, fruit salsa
  4. Chocolate crunch dessert pop
  5. Banana, chocolate and peanuts pop
  6. Tropical dessert cups
  7. Assorted Macaroons
  8. Berry and Nutella burrito
  9. Assorted stuffed churros (salted caramel, dark chocolate or Nutella)
Premium Canape Selection
  1. Grilled Wagyu beef with pommes puree, onion jam and natural jus
  2. Cantonese picking duck pancakes
  3. Lobster chino (warm seafood bisque with Lobster)
  4. Ham consommé with melon caviar
  5. Sushi sandwich
  6. Smoke salmon and Quail egg Benedict
  7. Freshly shucked pacific oysters with lemon grass foam or chilli melon salsa or Gin and Tonic bubbles or Mango and dill salsa
Substantial canapé Selection ($4 per piece)
  1. Pulled chilli pork in Asian pillow bun
  2. Japanese Karaage chicken and slaw in Asian Pillow bun
  3. Beef or pulled pork sliders
  4. Shepherd’s pie
  5. Tempura barramundi and chips, tartar sauce, lime wedge
  6. Mini Wagyu burgers
  7. Thai style prawn and glass noodle salad
  8. Lime and rosemary marinated lamb cutlets


Choose six (6) Tapas/Canapes from our Menu:

  • $90pp (Less than 10 people).
  • $77pp (Less than 20 people)
  • $64pp (20-50 people).



Choose Four (4) Tapas/Canapes from our Menu:

  • $69pp (Less than 10 people).
  • $59pp (Less than 20 people)
  • $48pp (20-50 people).

* For events with more than 50, people please contact us for a personalised quote!


*Please note that due to the current inflation of food and petrol prices, we have had to increase our prices. Once things settle prices will return to normal. Thank you for your understanding.

Grazing table & Tapas packages

What’s included?

You will not only receive the ENTIRE delectable Grazing Table
but you will also get to choose THREE (3) Tapa’s of your choice to feed all of your guests!

Our Chef will arrive at your location and construct the substantial Grazing Table before guests arrive. Whilst you and your guests are enjoying the beautiful Grazing Table upon arrival, our Chef will prepare the Tapas/Finger Food and serve to your guests for a more substantial meal!

Our Chef will not only Prepare, Deliver and set up, but also CLEAN-UP the Kitchen and Equipment used afterwards!

There really is nothing left for you to do or worry about!

* Additional Tapas can be added for an additional cost and Tailored Packages Available. Please Enquire.

Pricing (excl. gst):

  • $45pp (minimum 20 people)
  • $76pp (Less than 20 people)

If you are having an event with more than 50 people, please contact us for a quote!

Dietary Requirements?

We cater for all Dietary requirements and allergies:
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.

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